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PS5 Repairs

Game Freaks is one of Melbourne’s first Game Console repair centres, now famous for PS5 Repairs.

In November 2020 Sony released a new generation of PlayStation consoles – PlayStation 5 (PS5).

While it gained instant popularity amongst gamers, and is still low in stock worldwide, like any other game console prior to it, PS5 comes with its flaws and issues. Due to its curved shape, PS5 is very easy to drop or tip over which, while the HDMI cable is plugged in, very often results in a faulty HDMI socket, USB or Ethernet socket.  

We will provide a free quote for your PS5 Repair. A free quote is provided upon inspection of your console. 

Turn-around time for most PSRepairs is the fastest in Melbourne. In most cases, we get you up and running within 1-2 business days.

For Repairs on the previous generation console, check our PS4 Repairs page. 


Most Common PlayStation 5 Problems

PS4 HDMI Repair

PS5 HDMI Port Repair

PS5 Turns on, but there is no picture on TV

HDMI Port on PlayStation 5 is very fragile and can easily be damaged, especially if it gets dropped while HDMI cable is plugged in. We have skills and equipment to successfully fix broken HDMI ports on your PS5.

Cost of PS5 HDMI Port Replacement is $195 and includes parts (HDMI Socket), labour and 6 months warrany.

PS4 Drive Repair

Disc Drive Problems

 Not Reading, Loading or Ejecting BluRay discs

PlayStation 5 comes in two “flavours” – Digital Edition which has no optical disc drive, and Disc Drive edition which has a built in Blueray Disc Drive.
If you experience any issues with the PS5 Blueray Drive, we are here to help. Wheter it is a mechanical problem where the drive refuses to load or eject discs, or a faulty laser which causes blueray discs not to load.

The cost of PS5 Drive Repairs starts from $120.

PS4 Overheating

PS5 Overheating

PS5 Fan spins very fast or PS5 shuts down

There is a number of reasons that can cause your PS5 to overheat and shut down once it gets too hot.

PS5 uses a layer of special liquid metal instead of classic thermal paste to improve the colling of the processor.

We can rectify most of the problems that lead to overheating like thermal paste replacement, heatsink cleaning or, where necessary, fan replacement.

PS4 System Corruption

System Corruptions

 PS5 does not boot up or shows error code

The operating system on PS5 can easily get corrupted. An unsuccessful upgrade, a software glitch or a faulty hard drive in your PS5 can all cause a system corruption. As a result, your PS5 will refuse to boot up and you end up with a black screen or an error code on the screen.
In most cases, we can fix the problem and get your PS5 up and running again.

Prices of PS5 Repairs

Here are the prices of some of our most popular services.

For any service not listed here, please contact us.

PS5 Repairs & Services

HDMI Port Replacement$220  $195
USB Port Replacement – from $150
Optical Disc Drive repairs from $150
PS5 Software corruptions – from $80