PS4 Repairs

PlayStation – PS4 Repairs

Game Freaks is one of the first Game Console repair centres in Melbourne, now popular for PS4 Repairs.

Most of our PlayStation Repairs these days involve PlayStation 4 (PS4) Sony game console, and now also the latest PlayStation 5 (PS5).

This very popular gaming device has its technical flaws, but we are here to help. We can fix most PS4 problems like HDMI port damage, disc drive issues, system corruptions etc, at a fraction of the price of a new console. The most requested PS5 repair at this stage is HDMI Port replacement. 

We provide a free quote for all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Repairs. A free quote is provided upon inspection of your console. 

Turn-around time for most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Repairs is fastest in Melbourne. 1-3 working days and we get you up and running again. 

We do no longer service PS1, PS2 and PS3 consoles.

Most Common PlayStation 4 Issues

PS4 HDMI Repair

PS4 HDMI Port Repair

PS4 Turns on, but there is no picture on TV

HDMI Port on PlayStation 4 is very sensitive and can easily be damaged, especially if it’s not handled with a lot of care. We are one of the rare places in Australia that have skills and equipment to successfully fix broken HDMI port on your PS4. Cost of HDMI Port Replacement is from $100 to $120 depending on the model of PS4. 

PS4 Drive Repair

Disc Drive Problems

 Not Reading, Loading or Ejecting BluRay discs

Issues with the BluRay disc drive in PS4 is very common. Disc drives on PS4-s are very sensitive and if you are a little bit rough with it, the mechanism can go out of sync and stop taking or ejecting discs. In addition to that, if your discs are dirty or scratched, the laser can get weak and stop reading the discs. We are able to fix most of these problems. The cost of PS4 Drive Repairs starts from $80.

PS4 Overheating

PS4 Overheating

PS4 Fan spins very fast or PS4 shuts down

There is a number of reasons that can cause your PS4 to overheat and shut down once it gets too hot. We can rectify most of the problems that lead to overheating like thermal paste replacement, heatsink cleaning or, where necessary, fan replacement.

PS4 System Corruption

System Corruptions

 PS4 does not boot up or shows error code

The operating system on PS4 can easily get corrupted. An unsuccessful upgrade, a software glitch or a faulty hard drive in your PS4 can all cause a system corruption. As a result, your PS4 will refuse to boot up. In most cases, we can fix the problem, whether it’s of software or hardware nature and get your PS4 up and running again.

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade

As all PS4 gamers know, installing a new game on a PS4 takes up quite a bit of space on your internal Hard Drive. Standard 500Gb hard drive only allows a handful of games to be installed before we have to start deleting games off the hard drive in order to make room for new ones. We can upgrade the hard drive of your PS4 to 1Tb (double size) or 2Tb (quadruple size) and transfer all your existing data onto the new hard drive. Call us for more details.

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade

Prices of PlayStation Repairs

Here are the prices of some of our most popular services.

For any service not listed here, please contact us.

PS4 Repairs & Services

HDMI Port Replacement $120
Disk Drive Repairs – from $100
Overheating Repairs – from $100
System Corruption – from $60
Hard Drive replacement – 500Gb – $150 (OUT OF STOCK)
Hard Drive replacement – 1Tb – $180  (OUT OF STOCK)
Hard Drive replacement – 2Tb – $220 $160